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Book scanners provide the perfect means to capture bound volumes without the typical drawbacks of flatbed scanners or copiers: binding shadow, curvature, black borders, book damage, and very slow productivity.


Reynolds provides a wide range of book scanners from black and white to color and covering a wide range of scan sizes and capabilities.  Most scanners can be used with a variety of off-the-shelf software packages including Adobe Acrobat, Imaging for Windows, Photoshop, ARIEL, or virtually any TWAIN compliant software.


Reynolds expertise in scanner setup and interfacing assures your system will be up and running quickly and your users will be thoroughly trained.  Our technical support staff provides custom integration and on-going, local service and support.


 book scanner 5005XL Scanner

Indus Large Format Book Scanner 5005XLC (Color) & 5005XLGS (Grayscale) - 23.39" x 33.11"


The 5005XL C Color BookScanner & the 5005XL GS Grayscale BookScanner are the latest in available technology for the scanning of very heavy bound books and very large documents up 25" x 35.4" at a resolution of close to 400 dpi. They maintain the original condition of a bound book even if it is in a fragile condition. The motorized cradle has variable speed and adjustable contact pressure between glass plate and the book, making it the ideal scanner for the scanning of large bound books that are up to 44 pounds in weight and as much as 10" thick. With a state-of-the-art scan lens, a high quality 7500 pixel CCD image sensor and white LED lights, clustered in a mobile strip that follows the scanners movement, the resulting scan quality is superb.

Periodicals and newspapers
Maps and drawings
Ancient manuscripts
Surveys including photos
Quality records
Graphical designs
Colored architectural plans
Colored wiring diagrams

General Functions and Features:
Format selection up to 16.54" x 23.39" (DIN A2)
35 Million Pixels color resolution
Automatic exposure meter
Autofocus up to 20 cm
Automatic page separation
Book-fold correction in color mode
PDF conversion
Simple installation
Automatic calibration
User friendly

High precision LINOS (Rodenstock) scan lens
High resolution CCD image sensors
Mobile light strip with high power white LEDs
Integrated motor-driven book cradle
Originals up to 25" x 35.4" (A1+)
Telescopic rail system for adjustment of book cradle plates
Wood surface for the safe scanning of delicate originals
Glass plate
Adjustable speed cradle plates
Adjustable contact pressure between book and glass plate
Books up to 10" thick
Books weighing up to 44 pounds


Minolta PS5000C - Color,
book scanner ps5000c 11" x 17"

The PS5000C gives you a fast, safe, cost-effective way to scan, digitize and share the content of your color publications. Books, magazines, scientific manuals, historical materials and artwork can all be preserved and shared in full color, without damage to brittle pages or fragile bindings. Digital scanning in just 3.4 seconds per 8-1/2” x 11” original lets you scan more documents in less time. You’ll have flexible scanning modes for books and single pages -- and selectable scan resolution from 200 dpi to 600 dpi allows you to match scanning power to the needs of each original.

11.69” x 17.00” scanning area accommodates oversized bound volumes, ledgers, artwork, maps, archival records and other large documents.

Direct PC interface with USB connector and TWAIN driver lets you scan color originals to your computer for use in websites, desktop publishing or Email.

Selectable image modes to fine-tune output for Color Text, Color Photos, Grayscale Text, Grayscale Photos, or Line Art (bitmap for text or line art).

Automatically compensates for page curvature and automatically erases centerline shadows, page borders, and images of fingers holding down pages for scanning.

3D Scanning lets you digitize the images of objects placed on the PS5000C scanning surface.

Indus Book Scanner 5002 - Color, 16.5" x 24.4" book scanner indus 5002

The Indus Book Scanner 5002 is suitable for many interesting applications, e.g. digitizing maps, surveys with photos, architectural plans and the high quality reproduction of historical documents. Strengths: brilliant colors, oversized formats and easy installation. Another plus: automatic calibration of the color machine in seconds. Finally, the most advanced feature: PC and network interfacing with TCP/IP RJ45.  With the interface to Microsoft Outlook/Exchange, Lotus Notes, Netscape Communicator and the BCS-2 Web Publisher and PDF Writer, documents can be distributed or presented on the internet in seconds

Format selection up to 16.54" x 23.39" (DIN A2)
35 Million Pixels color resolution

Automatic exposure meter

Autofocus up to 20 cm

Automatic page separation

Book-fold correction in color mode

PDF conversion

Simple installation

Automatic calibration

User friendly

Resolution: 300, 400, 600dpi
Scan time: 2.9sec 17" x 22" / DIN A2
Color Depth: 30 bit
Interface: RJ45
Driver/Protocol: TCP/IP
Software: BCS-2

Minolta PS7000C MKII - Color, 18" x 24"
book scanner ps7000 mkII

The PS7000C MKII is a fast and convenient solution for scanning books and magazines, ledger volumes, archival documents, legal and financial records, artwork, sheet music, maps, graphics and 3D objects. And face-up scanning
protects bindings and fragile pages by eliminating the need
to lift, rotate or readjust the original: for multi-page scans,
just turn the page.

The PS7000C MKII provides support for Windows®2000,Windows XP and Windows Vista® environments. Built-in interface also lets you add an optional Scan Vending Device for public-access scanning and printing. Only Konica Minolta delivers such a comprehensive, easy-to-use system for scanning, sharing, saving and printing.

Fast color scanning speed of 9.9 seconds or less; large scan area from 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" to 18" x 24" accommodates 2-page spreads, art books, large ledgers and records.

Built-in book cradle with that adjusts to fit the spines of bound books and ledgers, with left/right mobile sections that can be pressed down under the thicker side of the book to create a leveled surface.

Scans 3D objects up to 2" high, allowing you to make sharp color scans of jewelry, historical artifacts, coins and other collectibles.

Automatically compensates for page curvature at the center spine when bound volumes do not lie flat, masks borders, erases shadows and eliminates the images of fingers that may be holding pages open.

Compatible with 3rd-party coin and card vending solutions, allowing end-users to pay directly for the scans and prints they make.