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There are several situations where tracking paper files is important:

  • Files are often out of the file storage area during times when they may be required by others.

  • Files leave the building.

  • File are often difficult to locate or completely lost.

  • Regulations require file usage history reports.

  • Files may be needed in an emergency.

File tracking is a very simple process by which a folder's barcode is scanned every time that file moves.  While the basic tracking function is simple, there are a great number of features that typically need to follow: retention scheduling, usage & overdue file reports, color label printing, etc.



Smeadlink Express from Smead Software is a powerful file tracking software. In addition to tracking paper files, Smeadlink Express manages all different types of documents and information, ranging from hard copy paper files to imaged documents to files created on desktops or batch data from large host databases. All of these technologies integrate together seamlessly in the Smeadlink Express user interface to make management of multiple document types easy and intuitive


Reynolds expertise in file tracking software assures your system will be up and running quickly and your users will be thoroughly trained.  Our technical support staff provides custom integration and on-going, local service and support.




Smeadlink Express gives you complete control over all documents, both paper and electronic, used throughout an organization. Bringing together document management and records management, Smeadlink Express offers a complete package to manage the document life cycle according to best business practices. Manage valuable information with Smeadlink Express using document retrieval, reporting and Express workflow.




  • Improve business processes

  • Eliminate workgroup down time

  • Speed up collaborative tasks

  • Automate workflow processes

  • Improve information access

  • Report on workgroup activity

  • Improve file room performance

  • Monitor System Activity

  • Reduce Legal Risk


Smeadlink Express Technologies:  Please see below for further details*


  Document Imaging

  Barcode Tracking*

  Paper File Tracking

  MS Office Support

  PC File Management 

  Express Workflow (Document Routing and Reporting)

  Document Publishing via iPublish*


  Audit Trail*

  Web Access to Information via iAccess*

  File Requesting

  Deficiency Tracking

  Retention Management*

  Color Coded File Labeling*



Smeadlink Express Management Reports:

  • Processing History Report

  • Pipeline Report

  • Retention Reports

  • Missing Documents Report

  • Productivity Report

  • File History Report

  • Compliance Report

  • Requestor Exceptions Report

  • Audit Reports


Smeadlink Technology Further Details:


Bar Code Tracking


Bar Code Tracking enables users to quickly determine the current location of paper file folders and documents by performing a check-in/check-out activity when files or documents move from one location to another. Bar code tracking is used to track files and documents to locations, employees and boxes. System user’s can quickly view the current location of a file as well as view tracking history information. Tracking can also be done at the document level. Documents can be tracked to files, employees or boxes.


Bar Code Tracking provides the following benefits to an organization:

  • Reduce the number of missing or lost files.

  • Decrease the time it takes for employees to locate files.

  • Increase employee productivity by enabling employees to quickly locate files and documents, whether files are located in the file room or checked out to another employee.

  • Improve security and provide greater control of files from the central filing.


Document Publishing via iPublish


iPublish provides users with the ability to publish electronic records to CD for distribution. The distributed CD can then be viewed from any web browser.



Audit Trail


The Audit Trail feature enables Smeadlink Express to monitor and report system activity. The Audit Trail will monitor the following activity:

  • Successful Logins and Failed Login Attempts.

  • Modifications to Records (Add, Edit and Delete). Changes to the records are captured and available in the Audit Trail reports.

  • Access to Confidential Information. The Audit Trail monitors when a user gains access to an area where confidential data or documents are stored.

The Audit Trail reports will report on the following activity:

  • Object Reports – Report system activity specific to a single record in the system.

  • Operator Reports – Report system activity specific to an individual operator.

  • Login Reports – Report all successful logins and failed login attempts.


Web Access to Information via iAccess


iAccess provides remote access to electronic and paper records via web browser.


Add, Update and Delete records

Request and Transfer physical files

View Electronic documents



Retention Management


Retention management enables a business to reduce costs and reduce legal risk by managing the life cycle of documents through their creation, use, storage and destruction. Retention Management ensures files are moved efficiently and consistently from more expensive active filing space to less expensive inactive filing, and eventually to destruction, based on the legal and useful life.


Every organization has unique needs and business purposes. However, the importance of records management remains the same, as well as some key theories of records management: Information must be managed from creation to disposition (document lifecycle). Information must be managed by value, not by media.



Color Coded File Labeling


Color-coded filing systems improve efficiency up to 50%.


Color-coded labeling enables users to print and apply color labels to the end tabs of file folders. Color bands are assigned to the numbers or letters used for determining the filing arrangement. Color bands can also be used to determine document types or other classification methods.


Color-coded labeling reduces the cost of your file storage and retrieval by:

  • Reducing the time it takes to retrieve and re-file active files.

  • Reducing or eliminating valuable employee time used for locating misfiled files.


    • The color filing pattern is broken when a file is placed in the wrong location on the filing shelf. Because of the broken color pattern, misfiled files can easily be identified and placed in the right filing location. When using color-coded labels, the user can easily conduct a visual audit to determine whether any breaks in the color pattern exit, then re-file as necessary.

  • Reducing or eliminating employee time and material costs of recreating lost files.

  • Reduce labor and material expense for labeling files.